We are experienced, trained and certified kayak instructors.  WoggWorks Kayaking is celebrating its tenth year.  Christy, Walt and the Woggs (people who are part of the WoggWorks community) are dedicated to assisting new kayakers in the fine art of double bladed paddling.
  • Christy is a 15 year veteran of kayaking.  She has paddled on both salt and fresh water. She is certified in both recreational and adaptive instruction.  Her most memorable kayaking experience: first viewing the Rosebud cliff on the Niobrara…see the picture above.
  • Walt is a 32 year veteran of kayaking – trained in both coastal and adaptive instruction.  He has white water, salt water surf, flat water distance racing and designs/builds his own racing yaks.  His most memorable paddling experience: kayaking with a sleepy alligator on the Bon Secour River in Alabama or kayaking amidst a pod of leaping dolphins on Mobile Bay. 
  • Linda is a new paddler, but has achieved Level 2 status as a kayak instructor. She is working on advance techniques and is has become an excellent instructor. Her most memorable experience: watching alligators watching her kayaking on the Gulf Coast of Florida
There are so many great Woggs who are excellent paddlers, racers and becoming good instructors – Meri, Robin, Niki, Nick, Rich, Jon, Doug, Wanda and many more.  You’ll see them all paddling on local lakes somewhere anytime!